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An article on the LIFE "Eau&Climat" project published in TSM

Page mise à jour le 19/05/2022

The April issue of the journal Techniques Sciences Méthodes (TSM) of the Scientific and Technical Association for Water and the Environment (Astee) has just been published. It contains an article on the LIFE "Eau&Climat" project.

The monthly magazine TSM of Astee, highlights scientific and technical studies on various fields related to water and the environment: drinking water and sanitation, water resources and aquatic environments, waste management and cleanliness, air quality, soil remediation, sustainable development of territories and socio-economic aspects...

The April 2022 issue includes a report on the impact of climate change and the adaptation of local water management methods. This thematic report consists of three articles:

  • "Local water management and climate change: tools provided by the European LIFE "Eau&Climat" project  
  • "A strategy for disconnection of rainwater on a watershed scale to reduce discharges."
  • "Study of the aging of rainwater sedimentation ponds: is there a deep migration of micropollutants?"

The article on the LIFE "Eau&Climat" project, written by OiEau, presents the project, its issues and the main deliverables. An insert is dedicated to the Explore2 project.