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Page mise à jour le 27/10/2021

The LIFE Water&Climate project is structured around five main actions. To find out more about these actions and the involvement of the partners, follow the links below:

  1. Development and validation of decision support tools: development of a tool for diagnosing local vulnerabilities and a tool on adaptation trajectories to climate change. => Action C1
  2. Facilitate the mobilisation of local stakeholders: analyse mobilisation practices of stakeholders in order to establish recommendations for the best actions to be undertaken according to the objectives and the audience. => Action C2
  3. Improving access to hydro-climatic data: enable local stakeholders to identify relevant and useful data (types and sources) to consider the impacts of climate change in territorial water management and facilitate access to these data.  => Action C3
  4. Strengthen knowledge transfer and exchanges between researchers and managers: develop relations between researchers and field stakeholders, and facilitate the appropriation of research results by making the information understandable to local stakeholders. => Action C4
  5. Ensuring replicability and transferability of results: ensure the transfer of the project's results and the replicability of the tools in France and in Europe, to various stakeholders: water resource managers, water utilities and consultancy firms. => Action C5