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Ensuring replicability and transferability of results

Page mise à jour le 27/10/2021


The objective is to ensure the transfer of the project results and the replicability of the tools in France and in Europe, to the different stakeholders: water resource managers, water utilities and consulting firms.

The lead partners for this action are HYDREOS and OiEau. 


C5.1 - Replicability in France - Institutional Working Group 

A Groupe de Travail Institutionnel (institutional working group - GTI) has been created. It is composed by representatives of Ministère de la Transition Écologique (Ministry for an Ecological Transition), Office français de la biodiversité ( French Biodiversity Agency - OFB), six Water Agencies, Water Offices of Martinique, Guyana and Reunion, Région Nouvelle Aquitaine and Agence de la transition écologique (French agency for ecological transition - ADEME). This committee will be responsible for validating the results of the project progressively, and for proposing possible modifications with a view to deployment to other SAGEs or other types of management contract or organisations responsible for water management. OiEau will lead this group.

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C5.2 - Replicability in France - Training courses

HYDREOS and OiEau will organise information and training sessions for the other French stakeholders in water management (Presidents of CLE, SAGE leaders, in particular), in order to disseminate the results and the developed tools. At least one one-day session will be organised for each metropolitan river basin district.

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C5.3 - Replicability in France - Transfer to SMEs

HYDREOS will implement a transfer initiative towards the private sector to support the emergence of a service offer by consultancy firms, which can then be mobilised by organisations involved in local water management through calls for tender. 

This transfer to the private sector will initially take place during training and information workshops. These workshops will be organised specifically for consultancy firms, and their content will be adapted to their needs. HYDREOS will train the consultancy firms that are members of the centre, as well as all the consultancy firms in France, by mobilising the two other French water centres, AQUA VALLEY and DREAM, with which HYDREOS works closely. In order to do this, three 2-day workshops will be organised during year 3 of the project, in the Grand Est, Centre-Val de Loire and Occitanie regions.

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C5.4 - Transferability to Europe - European Project Validation Committee

A European Assesment Committee (EAC) of the project will be created. This group of experts will bring together 8 representatives of European water management organisations (district authorities) to give a detailed opinion on the replicability of the tools in their own context, and to propose possible evolutions.  The Committee will meet to exchange on the progress of the project and to elaborate recommendations to the partners. These meetings will take place in association with the annual conference organized by Euro-INBO, the European branch of the International Network of Basin Organizations, on the implementation of the European Water Directives. OiEau will lead this group.

All tools will be available in English.

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C5.5 - Transférabilité en France

The project will make it possible to raise awareness and mobilise the members of the CLE, meaning the sectoral representatives of water uses. Each of the territories will be asked to work with these organisations (towns, chambers of agriculture, chambers of commerce and industry, etc.) on their interest and their capacity to appropriate, and possibly adapt, the methodological tools to analyse their own vulnerabilities and adaptation needs. A synthesis of this work will be made in order to propose further actions.