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Consult the collection of projects on the theme of "water and climate change” !

Page mise à jour le 17/03/2022

Many researchers are working on issues related to climate change, but the transmission of the results of their work to water managers is not always effective. The C4 action of the " LIFE Eau&Climat " project is interested in the popularization of research results, in order to reinforce the exchanges between managers and researchers. On the occasion of the World Climate Day, come and discover our collection of projects on the theme "water and climate change" !

Giving water management stakeholders access to elements of research on climate change and its impacts in the water field will help them to reflect and make decisions. In parallel to the research aspect, sharing experiences from more operational projects brings a complementary approach.

The collection of projects on the theme of "water and climate change" thus contains a compilation of projects, whether they are research projects, operational projects or a combination of both. It aims to give an overview of existing projects in France, but also in Europe and internationally. It is intended for local water management stakeholders, and more particularly those involved in SAGE (water development and management schemes).

Among the 79 projects surveyed, 25 were selected for a sheet, and a list of 25 additional projects is included in the appendix. The summary sheets contain the main characteristics of the projects, the context, the objectives, the actions and the results. The coordinators or the persons currently in charge of each project were contacted. Some of them have written the sheet directly and others have re-read and adapted a first version sent by OiEau, many thanks to them for their involvement !

In order to help you easily locate the projects most likely to interest you, several tables are proposed with different classifications: the angle with which climate change is taken into account, the themes and the types of actions. The project sheets are directly accessible from each table, by clicking on the name of the project.

It is planned to update this collection in 2024, the last year of the “LIFE Eau&Climat” project. You have the possibility to inform us of projects that could be integrated in the final version of the collection, by sending a message to

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