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The “LIFE Eau&Climat” project presented at Cycl’eau Vichy !

Page mise à jour le 12/02/2024

On September 14, 2021 was held in Vichy the thematic day Cycl'eau "Water and climate change, how territories adapt". Three members of the “LIFE Eau&Climat” project were among the speakers:

  • Jean-Philippe Vidal, researcher in hydroclimatology at INRAE, in the plenary session " Water &Climate : what changes in France and how to adapt in Loire-Bretagne ".
  • Emilie Darne, coordinator of the SAGE Lignon du Velay at the EPAGE Loire-Lignon, and Sonia Siauve, in charge of projects - innovation at OiEau and coordinator of the “LIFE Eau&Climat” project, in the workshop "Climate change & quantitative management: the territories adapt"

The project was thus represented by both scientific and technical partners and a territorial partner whose complementarity is one of the added values of the project.

The replay of the workshop is available :


Consult the presentation of the "LIFE Eau&Climat" project

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