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The « LIFE Eau&Climat » project presented to the French overseas territories

Page mise à jour le 12/02/2024

Organized by the French Office of Biodiversity, the annual meetings dedicated to the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Overseas France took place from June 17 to 24. They were the occasion to present the “LIFE Eau&Climat” project and the Explore 2 project.

During the 2021 edition of the technical meetings organized by the OFB, entitled "Towards the achievement of good ecological status of waters in French overseas", an entire session was dedicated to climate change. This session, which took place on Friday, June 18 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm (CET-Paris) was led by the Water and Biodiversity Management of the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

It began with the presentation of the Explore 2 (June 2021-2024) and LIFE Water&Climate (2020-2024) projects, both interlinked. A time of exchange then allowed to identify the data and tools that will be made available, thanks to these two projects, to the French overseas territories. Representatives of these territories were invited to participate in the Explore 2 project user committee, whose objective is to identify the needs for hydro-climatic data (present and future) of these territories in order to develop adaptation strategies, to assess the existing knowledge and to establish a work schedule to fill the gaps identified.

If you are interested in either of these two projects, please contact us: