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The partners met in Angoulême for the fourth General Assembly of the LIFE Eau&Climat project

Page mise à jour le 24/07/2023

As the end of the 3rd year of the LIFE Eau&Climat project approaches, the fourth General Assembly was held from 20 to 22 June in Angoulême (16), to review the actions undertaken. It was organised by EPTB Charente and OiEau on the premises of Grand Angoulême.

The project partners met in Angoulême for the project's General Assembly. It was an opportunity to review the actions undertaken and share experiences. A field visit to the Sources de la Touvre (16) opened this fourth edition on the afternoon of 20 June. The Syndicat du bassin des rivières de l'Angoumois (SyBRA) and the drinking water department of Grand Angoulême led the visit, presenting the karstic resurgences, the issues associated with this resource and the drinking water supply system linked to it.

Sources de la Touvre
Bouillant water resurgence, Sources de la Touvre

The 21 and 22 June meetings were dedicated to reviewing the progress of the project's various actions, and in particular the territorial demonstrations. Mr Francis Laurent, elected representative and water advisor for Grand Angoulême, introduced the meeting and Mr Michel Canit, vice-president of EPTB Charente, closed the session.

Opening speech on the premises of Grand Angoulême

On the evening of 21 June, the partners shared their experiences with the participants of the Odyssy adventure, organised by the Agence de l'eau Adour-Garonne. Around twenty youth between 18 and 25 took part in various activities over 5 days to raise awareness of water issues in the Charente basin. The meeting with the partners in the LIFE Eau&Climat project was an opportunity to discuss the issue of water and climate change, to get them thinking and to gather their ideas on the subject. This was done through the four main themes of the project: decision-making tools/access to data/mobilisation of stakeholders/exchanges between researchers and managers.

Workshops with Odyssy participants