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Review of the LIFE Eau&Climat project presentations in December 2022

Page mise à jour le 13/03/2023

In December 2022, the LIFE Eau&Climat project was presented during a Creseb webinar, the "Quantitative water resource management" symposium and at a masterclass of the Belgian Environment Agency.

After a first webinar on 18 November dedicated to the LIFE Eau&Climat project, a second session was organised by Creseb on 6 December. This time, it was focused on the feedbacks from prospective studies, with the presentations of Céline Boisson, in charge of the SAGE Sioule project at the EP Loire (public territorial basin establishment), Stéphane Loriot, director of the EPTB Vienne (public territorial institution of the Vienne river basin) and Jean-Philippe Vidal - hydroclimatologist at INRAE (French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Environment).

On 6 and 7 December, ANEB and the Etablissement public Loire co-organised the "Quantitative management of water resources" conference in Orléans. This event is part of the actions carried out by EP Loire in the framework of the LIFE Eau&Climat project (action C4: Strengthen the knowledge transfer and exchanges between researchers and managers), especially with workshop 2 "Taking climate change into account in the management of the resource (researchers-managers exchanges)" which focused on the project. Other partners took part in this symposium in addition to EP Loire: INRAE, Météo-France, EPTB Vienne, SMEAG (river basin governance body for the study and development of the Garonne river), SMAVD (Durance river basin governance body) and OiEau (International Office for Water).

colloque EP Loire décembre 2022
Presentation by Stéphane Loriot (source OiEau)


colloque EP Loire décembre 2022
Presentation by Benoît Rossignol (source OiEau)


colloque EP Loire décembre 2022
Presentation by Jean-Michel Soubeyroux (source OiEau)


colloque EP Loire décembre 2022
Presentation by Sonia Siauve (Source ANEB)

On 14 December, Sonia Siauve (OiEau) presented the project at the "Masterclass Europe Climate Adaptation" organised by the Belgian Environment Agency.

Masterclass 14/12/2022
Sonia Siauve's presentation at the Europe Climate Adaptation Masterclass (source OiEau)