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Seminar registrations “Climate change and water resources in Vienne basin”

Page mise à jour le 12/02/2024

The EPTB Vienne organizes a seminar on the theme "Climate change and water resources in the Vienne basin". This event will be held in videoconference on September 30, 2021 from 2 to 5 pm. Registrations are open !


2 :00 pm :  Introduction
EPTB Vienne’s president

2:10 pm: Summary of Acclimaterra's work and the issues related to climate change
Bernard LEGUBE, Professor Emeritus, University of Poitiers - Acclimaterra representative

2:40 pm : Intervention strategy of the EPTB Vienne in favor of adaptation to climate change
Stéphane LORIOT, Director of EPTB Vienne

3:10 pm : Presentation of « LIFE Eau&Climat » project 
Sonia SIAUVE, coordinator of the “LIFE Eau&Climat” program at OiEau

3:30 pm: Presentation of the progress of the prospective study on climate change and its effects on the water resources of the Vienne basin
Justine RICHARD, ANTEA project engineer

4:30 pm: Presentation of the “Limoges Métropole : territoire en transition hydrique” project 
Philippe Janicot, Vice-President of Limoges Métropole 

5:00 pm: Conclusion
President of the Vienne EPTB


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