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Partners of the LIFE Eau&Climat project – ACTERRA

Page mise à jour le 17/03/2023

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ACTERRA is a consulting firm taking part in the field of climate policies and adaptation strategies. ACTERRA assists public and private actors at different stages of their action: providing expertise in the diagnostic phases of climate change impacts, defining strategies and action programmes, supporting change and assisting project management, institutional and organisational reforms to provide adequate responses to the problems identified, monitoring and evaluation of policies and projects/programmes.

ACTERRA’s intervention focus on : 

  • “Climate screening” and “climate proofing” of programmes, plans, projects and public and private investment portfolios
  • Analysis of climate change impacts, vulnerabilities and risks at territorial, sectoral, company or investment project levels. 
  • Assistance in modelling and analysis of climate projections from global and regional models
  • Definition of adaptation strategies, programmes and measures
  • Integration of adaptation into public policies, sectoral strategies and investment programmes
  • Development of methodological and decision-making tools
  • Assistance in developing dedicated climate services and products (early warning and climate vigilance systems)
  • Assessment and management of climate uncertainty in decision-making
  • les analyses économiques et institutionnelles liées aux politiques climat
  • Capacity building, training course, institutional development and strategic advice on adaptation and climate
  • Mobilisation of financial resources and climate finance: support for climate readiness programmes, support for access to climate funds (GCF, GEF, Adaptation Fund, etc.), analysis of financing needs, financing strategies and mechanisms.


Site internet :

Experience sheet on climate change adaptation and water resources management (FR)



ACTERRA is one of the scientific and technical partners.

ACTERRA is particularly involved in the following actions:

  • Development and validation of decision support tools -> action leader, development and support to users of a tool for diagnosing local vulnerabilities and a tool on adaptation trajectories to climate change
  • Strengthen exchanges between researchers and managers -> modelling and decision support