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Partners of the LIFE Eau&Climat project – Météo-France

Page mise à jour le 27/10/2021

Logo Météo-France

Météo-France is a public establishment and the national weather and climate service. Its first mission is to ensure the meteorological safety of people and property. This is done by the conception of a meteorological vigilance map indicating dangerous phenomena, their consequences and the precautions that need to be taken to protect oneself. Météo-France is in charge of the knowledge of climate and its evolution and contributes, through its information and expertise, to the development of public policies on climate change.

The core missions of Météo-France include

  • the development and maintenance of an observation network
  • collection and processing of climatological data
  • weather forecasting
  • development of climate projections
  • research in the fields of meteorology and climate.




Météo-France is one of the scientific and technical partners.

Météo-France is particularly involved in the following actions: 

  • Development and validation of decision support tools -> expectations, recommendations for the development of tools
  • Facilitating access to hydro-climatic data -> development of an extension to the DRIAS web portal to make available and assist in the use of future hydro-climatic data in accordance with the reference climate scenarios in France
  • Strengthen exchanges between researchers and managers -> support for modelling and decision making 

Météo-France will also make the connection with the Explore 2 project (hydro-climatic projections for surface water and groundwater) which takes place alongside with the LIFE Eau&Climat project.