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Partners of the LIFE Eau&Climat project - OiEau

Page mise à jour le 27/10/2021

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The International Office for Water (OiEau) is a non-profit association under French law declared to be in the public interest by the Decree of 13 September 1991. OiEau core-activities deal with the development of skills for better water management in France, in Europe and worldwide, by intervening in vocational training and pedagogical engineering, institutional and technical support, information systems, data, knowledge and the animation and coordination of stakeholder networks.

OiEau's action is based on the following priority missions:

  • collect, analyse and make available scientific, technical and institutional documentation and knowledge
  • contribute to professional training for better water management
  • facilitate the establishment and development of water data management programmes: quantity, quality, resources and environment 
  • develop technical, legal and institutional expertise and assessment capacities to strengthen local or regional skills and promote integrated water resources management.



Experience sheet on climate change adaptation and water resources management (FR)



OiEau coordinates the project and participates in all actions.

OiEau is particularly involved in the following actions:

  • Development and validation of decision support tools -> expectations, recommendations and dissemination of tools
  • Mobilisation of local stakeholders -> supervision of the action, drafting a report with recommendations on the mobilisation of actors
  • Facilitating access to hydro-climatic data -> drafting a report with recommendations on local observatories
  • Strengthen exchanges between researchers and managers -> collect and analysis of projects about water and climate change
  • Replicability and transferability actions -> organisation of information and training sessions 

OiEau is also in charge of the communication of the project.