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The DRIAS-Eau portal quoted in the 13th report of ONERC

Page mise à jour le 12/02/2024

The 13th report of the National Observatory on the Effects of Global Warming (ONERC) entitled "La prospective au service de l'adaptation au changement climatique" (Foresight at the service of climate change adaptation) was published in early March 2022. The DRIAS-Eau portal, produced by Météo-France in the framework of the LIFE "Eau&Climate" project, is mentioned.

ONERC has published its 13th report. After a first part detailing the interest of foresight and the evolution of the expertise of climate services, the report focuses on public and private actors and their adaptation to climate change. With concrete examples, already underway, and avenues on:

  • Forecasting for the adaptation of public actors: reflections are carried out on changes in the functioning of institutions, on territorial governance and on the coordination of public policy efforts to respond to adaptation to climate change.
  • Forecasting for adaptation of sectoral actors: the aim is to determine the sectors to be prioritized in this mobilization.          

The LIFE "Eau&Climat" project is cited for the production of the DRIAS-Eau portal (p77). This extension of the DRIAS - les futurs du climat portal is dedicated to water resources. Produced by Météo-France, one of the project's scientific partners, DRIAS-Eau is one of the deliverables of action C3 "Improve access to hydro-climatic data". A first demonstration version is already available on DRIAS. DRIAS-Eau is planned to be online by the end of 2022. This portal will integrate hydrological projections from Explore2, a partner project of the LIFE "Eau&Climat" project.

Capture of the DRIAS portal showing the access to the DRIAS-Eau demonstrator

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